“Delivery” ain’t enough.

Hard agree with Cyd Harrell:

Launching is not success. Success is your product solving the problem it’s intended to solve, for the people you intended to help, without harming other people. If you can’t state what you’re solving, who it helps, & who could be hurt, you’re not ready to build let alone launch

– Cyd Harrell

Far too many organisations focus almost entirely on the delivery part. But delivery is only the beginning. That’s when you start to learn what really works, and what doesn’t. What scales and what doesn’t. What’s valuable and what isn’t. Indeed, there’s lots of learning before getting to launch, learning required just to get it to work. But just because it’s working as intended, that doesn’t mean it’s works in a way that is valuable to users and customers.

What problem are you solving?

Who does it help and who could it hurt?

Delivering is necessary, but not sufficient.

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